"Knowing Your Customer

Ignites Powerful Strategies!"



Highly experienced & passionate marketing expert, driven to deliver tangible results.

Work Experience

Before I founded rauch: marketing, I held leading marketing positions in various companies and agencies.


I work together with different partners with whom I have completed numerous projects.


Highly Experienced

Highly experienced strategic marketer (B2C & B2B) with extensive experience in developing and implementing long-term strategies for both new and existing products and services to drive growth and profitability.

Marketing & Branding

Impressive performance in building and developing marketing strategies  with a clear and differentiated value proposition and value-oriented, integrated implementation strategies and plans across all channels – for all audiences.

Driven by results

Driven to deliver tangible results, to open up new and existing markets and to seize new opportunities.

Passionate leader

Valued for coaching and motivating individuals and teams as passionate leader and the ability to deliver outstanding results within the complexity of international companies.


Personality: dynamic, future-oriented, entrepreneurial, inspirational, ambitious, initiative, creative, open, solution-oriented (Source: Golden Personality Type Profiler)


German, English, Dutch (advanced)

Work Experience (selection)